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The Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse Review

The Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse - Daphne Lamb

Oh…dear. I…The… cover was pretty?


The blurb sounded awesome. The idea/premise was awesome. The cover promised good things. Good things! ....the book sucked. I tried really, REALLY hard to come up with at least a handful of things I liked about this book. I mean, I wanted to like this book. I really did!


There’s spelling and editing errors (you’re instead of your, missing words, etc - an excess amount even for an ARC), the pacing is ridiculous. It took the main character 4 chapters to… go to the bathroom? Here’s the thing, too, about snark. Snark can be funny. Snark, in small doses, IS funny. However, when basically all your characters/caricatures do IS snark… it falls uncomfortably, awkwardly flat. Aside from snark, funnies, too, are best served in small doses. Not forcefully crammed into every other sentence as if crying “Look at me! Look at me! See how funny I am? Hahahahahaha.”


Every time the writing gets close to being serious for a moment, another supposedly funny remark is crammed in. Its…depressing, actually.


I get it. I do. Its supposed to be a funny/silly take on all the apocalypse stories out there. Its just not. Satire or not, it just falls depressingly, horribly flat. This book desperately needs worked over by a firm editor, and large portions revised before this will even begin to approach what it was meant to be.


I Came to Find a Girl Review

I Came to Find a Girl - Jaq Hazell

This book bothered me. It put me on edge, made me uncomfortable. I hated Flood with a passion almost instantly (though for some reason in my head he looked like Benedict Cumberbatch) and was hoping throughout the book to see him get his comeuppance, but not because I believed he was guilty of the crimes that he was convicted for. More simply because he was an asshat. He seemed too, well, pathetic to be capable of killing one girl, let alone as many as he was convicted of.


I’ve never been drugged the way Mia has, but I have been sexually assaulted. Seeing Mia struggle to cope with what happened – or didn’t happen – to her, the desperation to escape his presence, his reminders, brought back memories of things I hadn’t thought about in a long time. Jaq Hazell does a very good job with this. She doesn’t handle Mia’s trauma delicately. She tosses you directly into her psyche, and spins you around until you’re staggering when you finally stop.


When Flood died, I was angry. I won’t say why, but I think you’ll understand when you read the book.


Overall, I Came to Find a Girl is a whirlwind of anger and friendship, fear and creativity, disgust and despair spattered throughout with flashes of insight and sparks of the creative muse. It isn’t the type of book you can rave about. Its the type of book that makes you sit back, quietly unsettled, as you struggle to examine your feelings about it. So, I think in conclusion the best thing I can say about this book is: Words have power, and books like this showcase that power to a disturbing degree.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author free in exchange for an honest review. 


Alive Review

Alive: Book One of the Generations Trilogy by Scott Sigler (2015-07-14) - Scott Sigler;

Well, the author specifically requests, at the end of the book, that when we blog about this, we give no spoilers.  So, lets see how I do…


Scott Sigler’s Alive is definitely a departure from the style I remember in Infected. Better? Maybe yes, Maybe no. Worse? Maybe yes, Maybe no. I think its safe to say that there are assholes, idiots, jiggly bits and bacon involved. Monsters, confusion, and gruesome sights abound.


Confession: I generally write reviews as I read. It enables me to jot down my thoughts at key moments, and 99 percent of the time, that review does not change at the end. What I’ve written matches up perfectly from beginning to end with what I felt when the book was finished. 99 percent of the time. Occasionally, though, the author will throw a twist in there that means I have to go back and delete a good portion of what I wrote, and re-do my review. Such was the case with this book.


Sigler is good. Just when you think you know exactly how everything is planned out, and are disappointed with what is going on, he throws a spanner into the works that has you gaping and… almost insulted that you weren’t expecting it. Oh, you’ll be right on some things, and so full of yourself for guessing them, but on the most important bits? Horribly wrong. At least I was.

I highly recommend it, and hope it gets a lot more attention in the upcoming weeks. In fact, this book made #9 on my Top 10 “Scifi and Scary Reads of 2015”!


Apocalypse Cow - A Moooo-st Read

Apocalypse Cow - Michael   Logan

There have been many novels about the end of the world, but there’s only been one Apocalypse Cow. Okay, so technically there’s 2 because there’s  a sequel called World War Moo, but still. The beef (and pork? and chicken? Awwww, crap!)  has a, uh, beef it needs to settle with us. Hang on to your britches, folks, this book was moo-stly fun and udder madness! 


This is going to be one of those books that you either love or hate. I absolutely loved it. I’m almost as hard to please with Comedy as I am with Fantasy books, but Apocalypse Cow hit the nail on the head. I did everything from snicker to guffaw, to choke on my food while I was reading.

“But good looks counted for nothing when you smelled of intestines.”

“Colin threw his head back to let out a laugh so loud and brazen in its bum-lickery it resonated through the office window”


“Behind wire -rimmed glasses, he had the eyes of a man who would strangle his own mother in order to get his inheritance early. Had Terry met him under different circumstances,he would have assumed he was a banker.”


“Let me get this straight. Your plan is to sit here and hope the good vegan vibes you’re sending out will protect us?”

-Michael Logan, Apocalypse Cow

Basically, the government screws up, and this virus gets released. The food chain gets fried. At first its just the cows that are infected, but it soon spreads, and its a rip-roaring read with some shockingly gory and also sad moments acting as a balance to the hilarious zingers Logan casually tosses about during the udder madness of Apocalypse Cow. Its beefed up with enough action to keep the pace feeling almost frenetic, even when there’s really not that much going on. The characters are disturbingly believable, though the representation of the vegan might offend other vegans.


I was surprised to find that I actually ended up caring about Geldof, the youngest of the crew, and even Lesley and Terry. The rest of them were take or leave (primarily because they were bull-headed toe-rags.) It was ridiculous, hilarious, disturbing and odd, and definitely supplants Year Zero as the best comedy book I read in 2015.