Unexpected Graphic Sex in Books

Mini-rant that I won't post on my site:


I just finished this book - Mutationem - well, by finished I mean, *I* was finished with the book, even if it wasn't finished.


I DNF'ed at 57% for a variety of reasons.


One of those reasons was the XXX adult sex in it. I mean, if you Goodreads the cover and description for Mutationem, you are given NO indication that this book is going to have a ridiculous amount over-the-top sex scenes in it. (The fact that they're lesbian sex scenes might make it even worse for some people. I didn't care.)


I swear I think the author put in this one character JUST for the chance to have a plethora of graphic sex scenes in it.


This bugged the crap out of me!


I don't mind reading erotica. One of the few anthologies I own is a best erotica anthology... but I DO mind when graphic sex pops up in books multiple times with no indication at all that it is that type of book.