Wave of Terror

Wave of Terror - Jon Jefferson I picked up Wave of Terror because I saw Brian from Brian's Book Blog review it. It sounded like a nice, mindless palate cleanser to re-energize my reading, which has been in a bit of a slump.

Wave of Terror is a pure thriller action movie. It really is exceedingly easy to visualize it as though you were watching a movie. Things start happening soon after the book begins. There's rogues, deception, a fight for survival, conspiracies, the lone voice of reason in the wilderness, and all that stuff that you expect in that type of movie.

For people who enjoy movie quotes, the main characters trade them back and forth quite frequently. There's a very famous movie reference that I absolutely lost it laughing at. It got old a bit quick at one point, but it was still an unexpected surprise that definitely revitalized my interest in the book.

Wave of Terror was a fun read that did everything it set out to do. It's fast-paced, filled with snappy dialogue, and you're definitely wondering if the protagonists are going to make it in their race against time. Unfortunately, apart from the lines that made me snicker, it's not a book that stands out for me. Even just the next day after reading it, I had to think for several moments before I could remember the main character's name. It's a little too like a throw-away action movie in that respect.

If you're looking for a good airplane/ long car ride book, I highly recommend Wave of Terror. It's a fairly short read, entertaining, and comes to a solid resolution at the end.