The Fold: A Novel

The Fold: A Novel - Peter Clines On my second read through (aka listen), I liked The Fold a little bit better than I did the first time. However, many of my criticisms stay the same. Good god, the amount of repetitive language in this book!!


I wish I could say that I loved The Fold. Heck, I wish I could say that I really liked it! Unfortunately, I can't.

I went into The Fold fresh from 14 (the side-quel) and was expecting great things and intrigued to see where he would go next. I think that even though The Fold was not a sequel persay to 14, it fell into the 'second book in a trilogy' issues that so many 2nd books have.

There were 2 things about the book that were downright irritating.

1.) Repeated references to 'the ants'. We get it, your main character has a photographic memory and the visual representations of ants is how his mind works. You do NOT need to tell us this every other page. Every time there's a reference to Mike remembering something, this does NOT need to be said. It is perfectly okay to say "he mentally compared" or something like that.

2.) Your main character is a genius with excellent pattern recognition capabilities. WE GET IT. He has excellent pattern-recognition capabilities. He's a genius. He has a photographic memory. STOP TELLING US. Please. The constant repetitions are just downright annoying.

Now, not included as a major, but a minor annoyance - the geniuses were idiots! Seriously? How could they not put at least some of the minor stuff together?

Overall, I think Mr. Clines tried way too hard to replicate the formula that made 14 so successful, but just could not get it to work with the storyline he'd chosen. Instead of being eager for the story to continue - I couldn't wait for it to end. Instead of highly anticipating reaching the climax and wanting the story to be done because (as he did with 14) he'd wrung every ounce of drama from me, I couldn't wait for it to end simply because I wanted to put The Fold on my read list.

I will give Peter Clines a try in the future, should he release another book, but I cannot honestly recommend The Fold to anyone. (Still strongly recommend 14 though!)

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