Ghosts - Nicholas Sansbury Smith

I have mixed feelings about Ghosts. On one hand, I liked the action and loved hating on the new Captain. On the other hand, there was hardly mention of the one character from the first book that I really liked, most of the story focused around minor characters from it that I didn't particularly care about, and the crazy got old pretty fast. I spent most of my time waiting for the author to get back around to the characters I wanted to hear about, and that just didn't happen. However, I will say the POV choice regarding the Captain, given the issues involved, was a good one.

The Hell Divers series is an interesting one. I love the concept that Nicholas Sansbury Smith created these novels from. A post-apocalyptic Earth is nothing new. But generally humans have migrated to the stars, or they're wandering the earth in small patches. A world where the last remaining humans are floating above the earth in giant airships? Yes, I like this! I want to read more!

Ghosts is a book filled with emotions that run the gamut from obsession to vengeance. The first book left us with a sense of hope for humanity. This one not so much. I suppose there is something to be said from the introduction at the end of the book, but the situation still feels very bleak. Readers can only hope that the author delivers a pulse-pounding return to hope and victory in the final book.

R.C. Bray does a good job narrating Ghosts. While Bray's vocal range isn't very wide, his voice is a pleasant rasp to listen to, and he is able to communicate emotions (particularly sarcasm) clearly.  His delivery is well-paced and nicely suited to the science fiction and horror genres.

Overall, Ghosts was a well-written book but it didn't particularly satisfy me. It, like so many other middle-of-the-trilogy books, suffers just a bit because of it's role. I have no doubt that Nicholas Sansbury Smith is going to pull something epic in the final book, though, that will make up for the bridge that Ghosts is.  And I can't wait.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the audio book of Ghosts from Blackstone Audio for review consideration.