The Devil's Colony

The Devil's Colony - Bill Schweigart There are a handful of authors that I trust enough to read 2 books from, let alone 3. Especially in a series, because, let's face it, the second book generally sucks, and the third one rarely manages to measure up to the bar the first book set. Bill Schweigart is on the short list of authors I trust enough to keep reading, and The Devil's Colony just cemented his place on that list.

Lindsay, Ben, Severance, Alex, and Davis are all great characters that feel like the family they are to each other. Each of them are likable for their own reasons. Even Severance who - by anyone's admission - is a bit of a toerag. The first book had me side-eyeing him. The second book I was starting to appreciate him. One line - just one - in The Devil's Colony finally won me over. Any man who doesn't even hesitate to get on his knees and beg, if that's what it takes, is worth something.

It takes a while for The Devil's Colony to get rolling, but it's not a slow-burn book by any means. Once things start happening, it's one thing after another in twists you really didn't see coming. (Or some you did, and welcomed them anyways.) I went from face-palming over a particularly bad joke, to being on the edge of my seat and preparing to call the author some very naughty names in the space of like ten minutes. And then I was riding a high of arse-kicking satisfaction and watching Ben and Lindsay do their thing. (Although I'm very tempted to insert a Nyan cat gif here to mock a certain character, I won't.)
(Its a pic. Not a gif. So, it's okay.)

Schweigart did a fantastic job on The Devil's Colony. Finishing this book was definitely a good way to start my Monday morning on a high note. I didn't even mind the somewhat mushy all-the-feels wrap-up, y'all.

Well done, sir. Well done.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from the publisher for review consideration.