Devil Dragon

Devil Dragon - Deborah Sheldon

Devil Dragon was a book I chose because it was a horror novel written by a woman. I realized I’ve been really bad about showing support in that area that month. (Of course, it didn’t hurt that it promised to fulfill my creature-feature needs.)

By the end of the book, I was truly enjoying Devil Dragon. However, the beginning of the book, with our first introduction to the main character, starts off a bit rough. Mostly because Erin is the type of walking cliché that makes you grit your teeth when she appears. However, as soon as I relaxed a little bit and realized this was going to be pure gory cheese, she was easier to handle. And, luckily, she actually gets much less irritating throughout the book.

If you like the idea of realistic ‘dragons’ – such as the Komodo – this is the book for you. Devil Dragons - Varanus priscus –actually existed at some point. That adds an extra layer of neatness when reading the book. I mean, reading about mutated gigantic monsters spawned from man messing with nature or aliens is cool, but throwbacks are nifty too. (However, Sheldon does admit that she took a few liberties, so don’t expect something completely true to known science.)

Deborah Sheldon gives readers the true bad-good B-movie experience with each page of Devil Dragon. There’s a plethora of action scenes and several “Nope. NopeNopeNope. No-pe!” moments. The drama between some of the characters in the story is needlessly high, but that kind of just adds to the entertainment factor, honestly. I mean, sometimes we all just need a little schlock to keep us entertained, don’t we?

I’m pleased to report that Devil Dragon is a clean copy with no real cringe-worthy issues. I did feel like the very end (last couple of lines) were a bit rough and awkward, but that wasn’t a big thing. Overall, Devil Dragon is a fun, mindless read that requests only that we sit back and enjoy the ride. And – let’s face it – we need that sometimes.